Instructions for Authors

(Enacted in March 1998, most recently revised in March 2020)

Original Articles

1. All references cited in the text should be listed in the reference list (and vice versa).
2. References will be listed in English and should be cited in numerical order according to their order of appearance within the text. When references are cited in the style of author name and publication year, they should be sorted in alphabetical order of the author name.
3. References in the list should be presented in the order of authors name, publication year, the title of the publication, journal title(publisher in the case of a book), volume, number, page
1) Hudson, J.A., 1989, Rock Mechanics Principles in Engineering Practice, Butterworths, London, 72p.
2) Cayol, V. and F.H. Cornet, 1997, 3D mixed boundary elements for elastoplastic deformation field analysis, Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci. 34.2, 275-288.
3) Lee, C.I., Y.K. Lee and T.K. Cho, 1995, Numerical simulation for the underground excavation-support sequence in the visco-plastic jointed rock mass, Proc. Int. Congr. on Rock Mech., Tokyo, Vol 2, 619-621.

Peer Review
Every manuscript received is circulated to three peer reviewers. The authors’ names and affiliations are not disclosed to the reviewers during the review process. The review decision is divided into as follows: ‘accept as it is’, ‘accept after editorial revision’, ‘accept after revision subject to reviewers’ consent’, ‘resubmission’, ‘reject’. The finally accepted manuscript will be reviewed by manuscript editor for the consistency of the format and the completeness of references. The manuscript may be revised according to the discretion of the manuscript editor.

Forms of Publication(Publication Types)

Article types accepted and published are research articles and report articles, and their page limits are as below. (no more than 10 pages)

Research Article - Original article
Structured scientific report of original theory, new devices and creative methods. Manuscripts for the original article should be organized in order of title, abstract, keyword, background, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, references.
Articles are peer reviewed.

Research Article - Case study
A description of the application of the state-of-the-art methods and relevant techniques to be useful to readers.

Practicalness and usefulness of articles are reviewed.

Report Article - Others
Unstructured essay-type report. Editorial office will review the article.

Research Article - Technical note
An unstructured short article of application of particular instruments and technique. Articles are peer reviewed.

Publication Charge and Manuscript Fee

1. Publication fee (200,000 won within 10 pages and 10,000 won per page exceeding 10 pages) will be charged to the corresponding author(s) for the accepted paper. There is no publication fee for review papers.
2. Additional fees may be charged in case of the following.
   1) If more than 20 reprints are requested.
   2) If color figures are included or special printing is required

3. Manuscript fee, no more than 100,000 won, can be paid for the general papers requested by the Editorial board.
4. Submission fee of 100,000 won can be paid to the 1st author (or corresponding author) for the accepted paper written in English for the promotion of paper submission in English.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript to via e-mail. The submitting author takes responsibility for the article during submission and peer review. For inquiries relating to the submission of articles, please visit or contact to the Editorial office of the Journal of Korean Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.

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